Dtrim Grupp Ltd. was founded in 2008.

Dtrim Group Ltd has been established on the basis of the Estonian capital. From the very beginning the priority of the company was to provide its clients with the fresh and the high-quality salmon- and trout fillet. As the company developed, it also increased the variety of products offered. Fish delivered from the best factories in Norway, Finland and Denmark is professionally hand filleted, that proves the high-quality fillet.

As of today, the different range of products have been considerably expanded on the market and in addition to the variety of the fresh fish fillet, the company also introduced such products as a sliced salted trout, a salmon fillet, a smoked salmon in vacuum packages and many other products. Our company’s products are represented in the major retail chain in Estonian. Our company’s products under “Sea Treasures” brand reflect the value and the quality of product. We offer high quality products and wide range of assortments.

Sea Treasures – the best fish for everyone!